terms & conditions.


This contract is with Jarrolds Glazing Ltd of 179 Brunswick Road, Ipswich
IP4 4DB and the purchaser who has signed below. All correspondence
should be directed to this address.

  1. Orders are accepted only upon and subject to the company’s terms & conditions. No other terms & conditions will apply. Any variated must be approved in writing.
  2. Although time is not the essence of this contract, the work will be commenced as soon as possible. However, liability cannot be accepted for any delay due to circumstances beyond the company’s control.
  3. The company will accept cancellation of this contract at no cost to the purchaser for a period of five (5) days from the date signed below. The company reserves the right to charge a cancellation cost after the expiry of this date.
  4. The company reserve the right to omit any item on the original order if, in the surveyor’s opinion, it is impractical to carry out or if the stability of the building will be affected. No responsibility can be accepted for any damage resulting from structural defects, whether visible or hidden, which existed before installation work commenced.
  5. All samples used by the company are simply to illustrate to composition and manufacture of our products. All products within the order will be accurately measured and manufactured within the recommended limits of the material used. The company reserves the right to modify and products
    to meet these limits.
  6. The company will endeavour to meet all special requests by the purchaser, which must be in writing and approved by the company. Any additional costs arising there from will be at the cost of the purchaser.
  7. The purchaser must comply with all planning law, building regulations, by-laws and other requirements and the company does not take any responsibility for compliance with such requirements unless otherwise notified in writing by the company prior to the installation
  8.  The purchaser will pay a deposit with order and stage / final balance payments as a greed at the point of sale. The final payment or balance is not reliant upon full completion and cannot be withheld pending the rectification of minor snagging or second fix services (electrics/plastering/plumbing). The installers are authorised to accept payment on behalf of the company in the form of cash or cheque and will issue a receipt for the same. The company reserves the right to charge
    interest for any late payments of any outstanding balance. This would be calculated at a rate of 2.5%per month (or part of) from the installation date to full and final balance.
  9. The company will make good any plaster or floor screed disturbed immediately adjacent to window or doors being installed but cannot colour match external materials. Internal and external decorating shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.
  10. The purchaser will be responsible for removing internal fittings as requested by the surveyor and arranging suitable access to allow the installation to be accurately and efficiently carried out. The company requires notification of any item (e.g. existing doors, coloured fan-lites etc) to be retained by the purchaser.
  11. The company cannot accept any responsibility to any damage to telephone or television cables that pass through any window or door to be replaced.
  12. No guarantee is given that the installation of double-glazing units by the company will eliminate or reduce any condensation existing on the premises or that double glazing units installed by the company will be free from condensation.
  13. All goods remain the property of the company until full and final payment has been received.
  14. The purchaser shall notify the company within 7 days of the installation date, in writing, or any claim for damage caused to the purchaser’s property otherwise no claims will be entertained.
  15. These terms & conditions do not and will not affect the purchaser’s statutory rights where the purchaser is a consumer