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What does your Front Door Colour say about you?

There are endless Front door designs available, from Fibreglass, Timber, Steel, PVC and many others. Each design gives a unique impression, but also says something about your personality. Without you realising it, your front door choice can reveal how intelligent, passionate and welcoming you are as a person. Whatever entry design you choose, others will be able to work out how you are perceived, simply from the style of your front door.

Does your Front Door show intelligence?

You’d be surprised by just adding a fresh coating of paint and a welcoming colour to your front door, it can really shape the personality of the homeowner. If your front door has a bright coloured, attractive appearance, it reflects an intelligent and vibrant personality. This is because it shows you are passionate about creating a warm welcome for your property guests, but you also take pride in your home appearance.

The colour of your front door is a significant statement of your home, as it is one of the first things your guests will see when they visit. The colour of doors to your house is your first chance to make an impression, so what does your front door colour say about you?


Red doors are popular for most houses and they show that you are a traditional person. Typically a red front door signals a friendly and welcoming home. If you have a red door, it is likely to stand out among your neighbours. You love to be bold, bright and you enjoy being the centre of attention – which isn’t a bad thing! As the homeowner, you like to entertain while being in the spotlight. So when you’re hosting your next Essex dinner party, you want your guests to know from the get-go that you are hospitable and passionate.


If you’ve decided to paint your front door blue, it associates you as being a well grounded and peaceful person. You may not realise that the different shades of blue each symbolise a different personality.

Dark Blue

A dark/navy blue reflects you as a person with peace and value. your home has echoes of nostalgia with wooden furnishings and family heirlooms. At the same time it is considered to be the colour chosen by those with most intelligence.

Light Blue

Blue is a universal colour, but light blue shows you to be a calm and relaxed person who loves the outdoors. You find comfort in the brightness of the colour, because it reminds you of seaside and sunshine. You’re grounded, peaceful and you know what you want.

what does your front door colour say about you?


If you want to show the world that you are sharp, sophisticated and love to be a part of the latest trends, then you need to think of the many grey colour of doors you can choose from. Your interiors are likely to be classy, minimalist and beautiful – a lot like you!

what does your front door colour say about you


Green is the colour of ambition and tenacity; you constantly do what you can to do better for your family. You’re financially clued-up and you know how to manage what you have. Green is also indicative of your need for tradition and you’re a fan of your comforts. Shoes off when you come in the door, family meals and chilly nights in the warmth.


The colour black is polished, modern with an element of mystery. Black is a look that works well for both homes in the city and countryside, whether it is a townhouse or cottage. It shows you are sophisticated, stylish and passionate about the appeal of your home. A black front doors also symbolises elegance and wealth.

What doors can Jarrolds offer you?

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