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Using your Conservatory in the Summer

Conservatories are a beautiful addition to any home and can be excellent space for a variety of uses. With the summer soon approaching us, there are many ways we can improve the comfort and style of our conservatories. As it starts to heat up outside, many of us want to find new ways to keep our conservatories cool and shaded. Like many of you might know already, conservatories can feel like a roasting sauna in the summer season, sometimes reaching a temperature warmer than outside! There are many solutions that can be used in order to prevent our conservatories from overheating in the summer.

Are you looking to get your Conservatory summer ready soon?

To make your life easier, we have shared the most popular and effective ways you can adapt your conservatory ready for the summer months.

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Replace your Conservatory Roof

Did you know a conservatory roof is exposed to 68% of the Sun’s energy that will hit your conservatory?  So it may be worth reconsidering your roof options, especially if you have a polycarbonate roof which absorbs more heat. Conservatory roofing comes in many different forms, with several types to choose from. By investing in a high quality roof, it will act as a more effective thermal barrier. This will keep out the heat in the summer, but retain it in the winter. When it comes to costs, you will be saving money on your heating and energy bills, as you will be using less air conditioning in the summer.

There are two roof options that work best for summer, these include solid and glass. An innovative solid roof system which has built glazing can bring in great natural light, but at the same time reflect and radiate away some of the heat. A glass roof will also let in a good level of natural light to keep your room bright, but also leave the conservatory feeling much cooler.


Why not transform your conservatory with beautiful blinds? There are many attractive designs available when it comes to buying new blinds, so you can find the best style for your conservatory. Blinds are a simple but cost-effective way to cool your conservatory down, while also keeping the heat in during the winter. Not only do they block out the sunlight, they are able to lower the temperature of your room and keep your conservatory shaded from the sun.

When it comes to buying blinds, there are many designs and colours to choose from. So you can make the best decision that suits your decor and budget. In addition, if you have a functionality in mind, there are various opening mechanism options to go for.


  • Venetian Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Blackout Blinds
  • Shutters
  • Printed Blinds

using conservatory in the summer

Summer Design Tips

If you’re looking to fall in love with your conservatory this summer, plants are a delightful feature. They are a great way to bring nature indoors for guests to enjoy, without taking up too much space. Plants are also good at absorbing moisture so will help to reduce humidity levels but also brighten up your room. To create a calm and pleasing atmosphere, plants will help you to relax indoors without overheating in the sun.

In addition, if you decide to fill your conservatory with soft, light and pastel colours, this will keep the room feeling fresh. This is because they will reflect the heat more. By choosing furniture made with natural materials such as Bamboo or Rattan, you will notice that your conservatory stays cooler for longer and enhances the appeal of your room. Soft fabrics will also make it more comfortable to relax in all-year round.

The Perfect Glazing

A great way to keep your conservatory ventilated is by having windows open in the evenings. This will help your conservatory stay cool and keep air flowing. Another glazing option are bifolding doors which can slide and stack against the wall, leaving your home open to the outside. You will have better control over the ventilation levels in your conservatory, but at the same time enjoy a comfortable breeze when spending time in your room.

Heat Reflective Glass

If you can get away with going over your budget, Heat Reflective glass is the best product to choose. It is a versatile glazing, designed for conservatories or glass extensions. You can use it as vertical, slanted and roof panels or create your whole conservatory with this glass. It helps to keep the direct sunlight from overheating your conservatory but also has a self-cleaning feature.

Jarrolds Conservatory Designs

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