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uPVC doors offer a stylish and practical option for any home or business. They are an ideal choice for exteriors, including both front doors and back doors. PVCu doors give you an impressive range of choice in terms of style, colour, and even size.

Whether you are looking for a traditional door made from a modern material or you want to choose something more contemporary, uPVC doors can get you what you want. If it’s time to update your doors with some smart replacements or you’re busy designing a new property, uPVC doors are for you.

The Benefits of uPVC Doors

PVC-u doors have some excellent benefits for your property. The main advantages of choosing PVC-u for your front and back doors are that:

  • They offer a safe and secure option
  • They’re affordable
  • They give you a great range of colours and styles
  • They have fantastic weatherproof properties for good insulation

Security is hugely important for exterior doors. You want to know that your doors will help to prevent break-ins and keep you safe. PVC-u is an extremely tough material that’s hard to break, so it will deliver great protection to any property. It’s also a safe option. Choosing a PVC-u Door would make a safe, secure and affordable option for your home or buisness.

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What Is uPVC?

uPVC is a type of plastic commonly used for doors, windows and other constructions. uPVC stands for unplasticised PVC, meaning that the plastic hasn’t had softening plasticisers added to it to make it more flexible. This gives you a tough material that’s ideal for exterior doors.

PVC-u Door Styles and Colours

You have endless choices for your PVC-u doors. They offer you plenty of options, whether you want a solid front door, something to let in a little light, or even a bifold door for your patio. You can choose not just a colour that suits your taste, but also a texture that mimics wood or another material. PVC-u doors also allow for glazed options so you can decorate how you like.

Find your perfect PVC-u door and enjoy security, safety and style.

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PVC-u Doors
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When people hear “PVC-u”, they might recognise that it’s a cheap material, but affordable doesn’t have to mean cheap in any other sense. You can still choose a door that looks fantastic, with lots of styles and colours to choose from. Whatever you like, you can select for your door. There’s everything available, from minimal design for contemporary homes to more elaborate designs and traditional options. As well as front and back doors, they’re ideal for patio doors, garage doors, and more.

You also get excellent insulation and thermal properties when you install PVC-u doors. When you have new doors professionally fitted, you should find that your property retains heat better and helps to resist damp by reducing moisture in the building too. The material is also great for insulating against sound, helping to keep your property protected from noise outdoors and reducing the sound that can be heard from outside too.

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