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Security for your Commercial Business

If you’re running a commercial business then security will often be one of the number one concerns on your mind. After all, the last thing you want is people waltzing into your store, taking everything they want or even breaking into your store after it’s closed and getting away with not only your money but your products and your ability to actually run a store. It can be devastating and no matter how much your insurance covers you, there’s nothing as good as deterring criminals and keeping them away from your commercial premises in the first place.

That’s why we’ve decided to talk about the security components that are important for smooth business operation.

Keeping entry points secure

Think about the entry points that your customers or staff currently enter your premises through then try to strengthen them. For instance, you might find that your main customer entrance isn’t secure enough because you don’t have security gates or even a security guard that will help deter and prevent crime from happening in your store. You might also want to secure the staff’s back entryway by using something like an ID card scanner or a pin code.

Keeping points secure after hours

Now you should think about the entry points which your customers and staff don’t enter through, but thieves could use to gain access to your premises especially after you close. This includes windows, your front entrance or even a roof access point which you forget to lock. You’ll want to install several forms of protection but most importantly, you’ll want to ensure that any doors which allow entry into your premises are secured with proper locks and a sturdy design that doesn’t crumble under pressure. Commercial doors are in a league of their own and are built to withstand punishment against the a thieve’s most common tools.

CCTV and alarms

Nothing works as well as a crime deterrent than CCTV cameras and alarms. Although many shopkeepers and small business owners like to use fake CCTV cameras just to scare off would-be thieves, smarter companies will install actual cameras and alarms so that if there’s ever a thief trying to break in or get away with your goods, you can record them, give the footage to the police and seek justice. Make sure these cameras cover as much of your business as possible and make sure they’re actually visible so that it deters people from stealing.

Securing the interior and exterior

There are a couple of different ways to ensure that your interiors and exteriors are sufficiently protected. For example, the exterior should provide no blind spots in your CCTV and it should also ideally have fences with anti-climb paint so that it deters any potential thieves. You should also consider locking your goods behind shelves and other forms of protection to make it harder for thieves to get in and steal your staff. Any time you can stall is extra time for the police to get there and catch the thieves.