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How to Keep your Conservatory Cool in the Summer

There is no better time than the summer to make the most of your Conservatory. When the late summer evenings arrive, the first thing that comes to mind is to invite family and friends over! A conservatory is the perfect space for dining, socialising and relaxing. Although they can be excellent for the lighter summery days, when it comes to using your conservatory, you’ll know how easily they can overheat. Is there actually anything worse than roasting in a boiling conservatory? Sometimes they can even reach a temperature warmer than outside!

Let’s take a look at the most effective ways to help keep your conservatory cool this summer.

How can I prevent my Conservatory Overheating?

Buying Blinds

Not only do blinds give the room an attractive appeal, they are also an effective cooling solution. They are able to reduce the sun’s glare and excess heat from entering your room, helping to lower temperatures. So you can make the most out of your Conservatory without roasting. Window blinds help prevent solar radiation reaching the glass of your conservatory, so your carpets, furnishings and fittings are protected from the effect of direct sunlight. If furnishings are exposed to too much direct sunlight, they will become damaged and faded. Once you have blinds, can enjoy better privacy and shade without the hassle of opening any windows.

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Cooling Film for Glass

Did you know you’re able to add something called ‘Cooling Film’ to your Conservatory glass? This is an adhesive layer which sits on top of the glass, creating a protective barrier, reflecting around 80% of the sun’s rays away. This effectively helps lower the room temperature, prevent both heat and UV Rays entering but at the same time retain the views of your garden. Cooling Film is a handy solution, not only to protect furnishings from direct sunlight damage but also keep your conservatory cooler than ever!

How much does Cooling Film cost?


A Cooling Film is fairly easy to install to your existing conservatory but it involves working at height and possibly overhead. Therefore for safety purposes, it may be worth paying for a professional to do the job. It is a relatively cost-effective product, as you can purchase 50m of 600mm wide Cooling Film for as little as £12.00.


By filling your Conservatory with plants, you will have a luxurious and colourful space to relax in. In addition, your conservatory will feel cooler because plants depend on hot air to survive indoor environments. They are a great way to absorb moisture, whilst keeping humidity levels down as well as brighten up the room. So your conservatory will feel light, airy and cool all summer long.

Roofing Upgrades

If you’re in a position to have your conservatory roof replaced, you might want to consider Solar Coatings. No matter if you have a glass roof or polycarbonate solid roof, this film can be applied to the inside of the roof as a solar control solution. It is able to reject 75% of the sun’s heat and reduce around 80% of visible glare before it can enter the room. What’s more, a high-quality and Thermally efficient roof system will lower your energy bills as you won’t need to use as much air conditioning.

Air Conditioning

The most effective way to keep you chilled in your conservatory is to install air conditioning. It is costly to purchase and run, but it will cool the room quicker and keep it cooler for longer. You can set it to the temperature you find most comfortable, so you have no fear of your conservatory becoming a sauna or refrigerator. It will let enjoy your conservatory even during a heatwave.

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