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5 Best Ways to Use a Conservatory

5 Best Ways to Use a Conservatory

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to maximise your living space, installing a conservatory is the perfect way to extend your property. Conservatories first originated in the 16th Century when landowners sought a way to cultivate citrus fruits. The high versatility of a conservatory means you can create a room designed for whatever purpose you wish for.

A conservatory is a fantastic addition to any home. Not only does it bring in natural light, but it also provides a delightful space even when the seasons are changing. With today’s advanced technology, you can now comfortably use your conservatory all year round, even in the Autumn and Winter months. Conservatories also offer many different choices of shapes, styles and materials to fit your personal preferences. From, Victorian, Edwardian, Mono-Pitched, P-Shape, Gable and Combination styles. With the variety of designs, you can fit your conservatory investment to meet your affordable budget.

There are various ways you can use this added extra space to its full potential

Here are our Top 5 ideas on how you can use your Conservatory

      • Sitting Room
      • Kitchen Extension
      • Games Room
      • Home Office
      • Green House

Sitting Room

A conservatory can create a wonderful space to relax and entertain in, while impress your guests. With the fully glazed roof, a conservatory brings the outside in by filtering natural sunlight through to the room. Once you blend the room with the rest of your home, like adding matching furniture and home ware accessories, a conservatory offers a bright and spacious living space you want to spend time in. It can be a room designed for your whole family to relax and enjoy time together. By using it as a sitting room, it enables you to enjoy your garden and exterior surroundings all year round, whatever the weather. Conservatories create a unique living space that offers you the ideal place to sit and enjoy television, conversation and casual dining.

Kitchen Extension

By enhancing your kitchen with a modern conservatory extension, this will free-up the space in your home where the original kitchen was. This gives you the choice to either use that area as part of the kitchen itself or allocating the room for dining space. A conservatory kitchen extension gives you huge amounts of natural light as well as a convenient extra space for you to cook, dine and entertain guests. This also opens up your living and dining space, where your family can meet to chat, catch up on their day whilst having a meal. To ensure your conservatory kitchen extension is comfortable all year round, you should consider adequate climate control features such as under-floor heating, air conditioning and blinds etc.

Games Room

Conservatories are usually overlooked as just use for storage or a sun room. However with this spacious extra room, you can use it to store family games or entertainment for your children. A conservatory also connects your home to the exterior surroundings without the worry of harsh weather or outside disturbances affecting your family time. Whether you’re video gaming, playing cards or a board game, a conservatory makes the perfect games room.

Your conservatory will be provide a spacious home entertainment unit, with plenty of space to put your TV and gaming consoles. A conservatory will also help to keep your games separate from the living area so that it doesn’t get in the middle of conversations. As long as it is equipped with climate control features, you can use a conservatory all year round which makes it the perfect playroom.

Home Office

With working from home becoming more popular, conservatories can be a cost-effective home extension to create the wonderful office to suit your type of work and lifestyle requirements. You can bring your home office ideas to reality with a beautiful conservatory. They are different to the standard room, with bright, airy and unique features to provide a relaxing space in which to work.

Whether you own your own business or may from work home a few days a week, a conservatory offers wonderful extra space suitable for storing folders, files, laptops and stationary items. They can be super beneficial if you are someone who prefers to work from a separate area, away from the rest of the household to concentrate without distractions.


Conservatories were first originated for the purpose of a Greenhouse, so why not stay with this traditional design. A conservatory is the perfect environment to keep your greenery and plants in your house nourished and nurtured. The reason why conservatories are the perfect room to take care of your plants, is because they give off floods of natural light for keep your plant life healthy. By keeping plants, it improves the air quality of your home, releases beautiful scent and improves the appearance of your interior.

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